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Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing

20 Jun 2020 To 20 Jun 2020
From 9:00 AM To 3:00 PM


6 Trainig Hours

This course educates professional working in this industry about best practices in real estate selling and leasing. It provides a comprehensive manual of best practices to develop the skills of participants to achieve the optimal results for their companies and meanwhile achieving customer satisfaction. Course Content1. How to utilize the best Communication Skills in real estate2. To negotiate effectively in Real Estate by conducting research and ability to read the other party 3. Knowledge, power, and capability to convince end users to lease or buy, because end4. Time Management Skills5. Best Practices in Leasing and Selling Course Objective• Develop the skills of real estate brokers in sales and leasing.• Support development of the real estate industry through the publication and dissemination of world best practices.• Dissemination of best practices in sales, leasing and property management.• Illustration of the proven strategies and tactics practiced by the best real estate companies in the world.

AED 1000
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