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Real Estate Expert Diploma

11 Jul 2020 To 15 Jul 2020
From 9:00 AM To 3:00 PM


22 Trainig Hours

The real estate expert's role is to express an integrated and neutral opinion on real estate various issues that may arise in the real estate market. One of the most important features in the real estate expert is that he is able to read and understand texts, amendments, legal and consulting contracts with a sufficient amount of knowledge in procedures and actions in lands and real estate, filling the building and construction, managing real estate and estimating the return from properties, as well as to the details of area, accounting, financial management, financing and valuation. Whereas, the real estate profession's can be decision-makers in various aspects of buying and selling, evaluating, insurance, compensation, property division, building financing, or other issues related to real estate and property. The Dubai Real Estate Institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, offers the real estate expert’s diploma, which is an integrated training program coordinated to qualify five categories of experience: 1- Rentals expert, 2- Evaluation expert, 3- Buying and selling expert, 4- Freehold expert, 5- General expert. The diploma courses are: 1. Definition of the expert’s role, responsibilities and professional ethics 2. The legal and judicial system in the United Arab Emirates 3. Introducing the real estate market and real estate types 4. Laws governing the process of buying and selling in the Emirates 5. Real estate actions, procedures, and legal disputes arising therefrom 6. Real estate development and sale on the map 7. Real estate and property management and utility services 8. The profession of real estate brokerage and its role in the real estate sector The real estate expert program targets all those interested in understanding real estate, its actions and procedures, and this program targets the category of experts who would like to be registered as experts within the judicial authorities in the county. Accordingly, the interview and proficiency examination must be passed to be recorded in the expert list.

AED 8000
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