Courses Catalogue

01 Executive Courses

Facility Management [FM] Course
Property Inspection Training
Customer Service for Excellence in Real Estate Relationships
Introduction for Real Estate Financing for brokers
Real Estate Negotiation and Communication Skills
Property Development Feasibility Analysis
Roadmap to Customer Advocacy in Real Estate
Green Building Management Training
Certified Residential Specialists (CRS)®
Arabic Real Estate Terminology for Non-Arabic Speakers
Introduction to Energy Management
Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
Cross Cultural Training for Real Estate Professionals
Communication and Presentation Skills for Real Estate Professionals
Expectation Management & Problem Solving
Construction Contract Management
Real Estate Governance Workshop
Branding For Real Estate
Real Estate Project Management (PM)
Social Media Workshop
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Real Estate Valuation & Investment Workshop
Real Estate Marketing Workshop
Real Estate Economics Workshop
Real Estate Principle Workshop
Real Estate Business & Legal Environment Workshop
Arbitration in Construction and Real Estate Disputes
Smart Cities Readiness Workshop
Developing and Land Registration Systems
Green Designation Program
e-Pro Certification Program
Value Added Tax in the Real Estate Sector
Explore Your Real Estate Rights (Investors, Buyers & Sellers - Landlords & Tenants )
Basics of Success in Brokerage Business
Real Estate Risk Management
International Artificial Intelligence Driving License (IAIDL)
Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager [CRB]®
Real Estate Expert Diploma
Real Estate Property Management Workshop
Real Estate Project Management Workshop
Community Association Management Program

02 Academic Courses

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders
Real Estate Development and Sustainable Design Programme
Oxford Real Estate Program
Digital Transformation Strategy Program
Part-time MSc Real Estate - The University of Manchester Middle East Centre
The Manchester Global Part-time MBA - The University of Manchester Middle East Centre

03 Certification Courses

Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers
Certified Training for Real Estate Timeshare Brokers
Certified Real Estate Surveyors Training
Preparation Course for Real Estate Brokers
Certified Training for Property Managers
M-201: Facility Management Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
M-205: Risk Management Training Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
Certified training for Registration Trustee
Registration Trustee Diploma Program
Real Estate Project's Trust Account Course
Certified Training for Mortgage Brokers
M-202: Association Communications Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
M-203: Community Leadership Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
M-360: Leadership Practices in Building Community Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
M-206: Financial Management Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
Preparation Course for Property Management exam
Ejari System Master Training
Oqood System Master Training
OQOOD Property Termination Training
Preparation Course for Trust Account
Certified Training for Real Estate Valuers
Registration Trustee System Training
M-204: Community Governance Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
Extra Trainee for OQOOD SYSTEM MASTER Training
Trust Account System (TAS)
M-370: Managing Developing Communities Course for Jointly-Owned Properties
Certified Training for Commercial Real Estate Brokers
Certified Real Estate Marketing & Sales Professionals
Continuous Education Program for Brokers (less than 5 years’ Experience)
Continuous Education Program for Brokers (5 years’ experience and more)
Certified Training for Developer’s Sales Consultants
Accredited Diploma in Real Estate
Dubai International Property Consultant (DIPC)
Special Training for Real Estate Administration
Certified Diploma in Real Estate
Continuous Education Program for Timeshare Brokers
Certified Training for Jointly Owned Property Management
Continuous Education Program for Property Managers (RES202)
Continuous Education Program for Mortgage Brokers
Preparation Course for Certified Diploma in Real Estate Exam
Continuous Education Program for Developer’s Sales Consultants