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Real Estate Expert Diploma

News Image Announcements |11 Jul 2020

Dubai Real Estate Institute is proudly launching in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, Real Estate Expert Diploma: An integrated and comprehensive professional development program that was designed and developed to accredit five types of experts whose opinion and report can be adopted in the issues required by the claim adjudication:

  • Real Estate Rentals Disputes
  • Real Estate Valuation Disputes
  • Real Estate Assets and Property Management Disputes
  • Freehold Property Disputes
  • Real Estate Dispute Expert

The program is aimed at all those interested in deepening their understanding of the real estate market along with the relevant rules and procedures. It is targeting all the experts who are intending to be listed in the register of Real Estate Experts that is accredited by the judicial authorities in the UAE. Experts will qualify to be listed once they pass an interview as well as a proficiency examination.