The real estate world should not be complicated or confusing, especially with the presence of real estate professionals who have the knowledge, skills, ability and expertise to make the right and best decisions. Dubai Real Estate Institute has trained and qualified more than 70,000 real estate professionals until the academic year of 2018, to help provide modern and sophisticated services to this industry.

This has a positive impact on the real estate investment environment in Dubai and the UAE in general. DREI puts all its resources and efforts towards rise the quality of education so our real estate practitioners would evolve and become independent thinkers and capable of making informed decisions.

DREI strives to provide resources and advanced curricula, courses and training programs in collaboration with internationally recognized universities, institutions and organizations with the aim of spreading and sustaining real estate knowledge and awareness and always been keen to keep abreast of developments in the real estate market. DREI offers locally and internationally accredited certificates and helps trainees to have a strong foundation and understand the different aspects of real estate business.

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Our target is spreading knowledge, awareness and keeping abreast of developments in the real estate market.

The Institute is expanding its presence in a number of countries around the world and is attracting new memberships as well partnerships and strives to be the first place among the worlds best real estate institute destinations, taking into account the slogan of diligence, innovation and trust and is fully dedicated to making the educational experiences in all stages of the real estate industry enjoyable, exciting, and rich.

Dubai real Estate institute is the first and foremost important institute in the Middle East and North Africa region to provide specialized real estate education with international standards and is considered as the main educational pillar of Dubai Land and Property Department.


To become the leading international benchmark in spreading and sustaining Real Estate knowledge.


  1. Provision of an advanced and high quality programs in collaboration with internationally recognized universities.

  2. Publishing research & provision of property related consultations to the public and private sector..

  3. Enhancing communications among all stakeholders.

  4. Empowering the society by disseminating the real estate knowledge.

Our values are our identity and are closely related to our success and are characterized by credibility, integrity, creativity, innovation, high teaching, competence development, excellent service delivery and transparency.

  • We have the best qualified team and specialists in the field of real estate that have the power to improve the teaching level that is equivalent to the highest international quality standards.
  • We offer the most advanced training courses and training programs in cooperation with internationally recognized universities, institutions and organizations, as well as the tools and services needed to be one of the main drivers contributing to the overall economic development process in Dubai.
  • We take the initiative to become pioneering and innovative in all aspects and provide accurate information, research and consultancy when needed, and seek continuous contact with all parties concerned to learn different opinions and adopt what is appropriate in the development of the Institute.

Aims & Objectives

  • To increase and enhance the visibility and awareness of our courses and programs and support teaching, research and service component.
  • To provide a dynamic link between the academic community and practitioners involved in real estate and to offer dedicated Executive Education courses.
  • To attract foreign portfolio investment in the country and host events and conferences on topical issues for real estate sector.
  • To promote an enabling environment that encourages creativity, innovation, continuous learning and optimization to deliver services efficiently and effectively.
  • To keep abreast of the best practices of real estate development companies, brokerage, facilities management, engineering services, contractors, consultants, etc., which achieves our objectives in excellence, creativity, sustainability and competitiveness.