Courses Catalogue

01 Executive Courses

Registration Trustee: DREI Professional Training
Dubai Real Estate Administration Broker: DREI Special Training
Dubai Real Estate Brokerage: DREI Special Training
Real Estate Continuous Development: DREI Professional Program
M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management
M-201: Facilities Management Training
M-202: Association Communications
M-203: Community Leadership
M-204: Community Governance
M-205: Risk Management training
International Property Specialist (CIPS): DREI Certified Course
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR): DREI Course
Dubai International Property Consultants (DIPC): DREI Professional Course
Construction Contract Management: DREI Professional Training
Real Estate Development: DREI Feasibility Studies
Real Estate Project Management: DREI Course
Real Estate Risk Management: DREI COURSE
Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing: DREI 1 Day Course
Sales Negotiations in Real Estate Relationships: DREI 1 Day Course
Real Estate Customer Service: DREI 1-Day Course
Real Estate Cross Cultural: DREI 1-Day Training Course
Real Estate Communication and Presentation Skills: DREI Professional Training
Expectation Management & Problem Solving: DREI 1-day Course
Real Estate Sector VAT: DREI 1-day Course

02 Academic Courses

Real Estate: DREI Accredited Diploma

03 Certification Courses

Advanced Real Estate: DREI Certified Diploma
Real Estate Broker: Certified Primary Training
Commercial Real Estate Broker: DREI Certified Learning
Real Estate Marketing & Sales: DREI Certified Training
Real Estate Property Management (CPM): DREI Certified Training
Real Estate Surveyors: DREI Certified Training
Real Estate Valuers: DREI Certified Training
Time Share Brokers: DREI Certified Training
Real Estate Trust Account System (TAS): DREI Learning Course
Mortgage Brokers: DREI Certified Training Course
Developers Sales Consultants: DREI Certified Training
Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB): DREI Certified Course